Boutique bath and body

Pamper yourself in the second most soothing place in the world… your tub. When you can’t be at the Ice Spa, soaking in one of our infinity baths, you can enjoy your very own tranquil escape in the comfort of your own home. With these products that invigorate the senses and relax the mind and body alike, your new zen spot is within reach.

Tara Aromatherapy Spa Products

TARA® Spa Therapy’s aromatherapy collection is distinctive because you’ll find extraordinary quality in our bottles. Tara diligently studied with five masters of aromatherapy, each known for their special areas of expertise and diverse backgrounds. With their guidance, she gathered information on the quality of single note oils and their therapeutic applications. Then, she collaborated with a master perfumer and developed aromablends to her exact specifications – delightful to the senses, but also therapeutically effective. These aromablends are safely proportioned and conveniently ready for direct application. Available in massage and body oils, bath and diffuser oils, as well as candles.

Me Bath Ice Cream Product “Flavors”



Are you passionate about chocolate? Do you find yourself fantasizing about it all of the time? Now you can bathe in it without a single calorie! Indulge in full-bodied, rich chocolate oils as they satisfy your cravings.

Gotta Have It Pomegranate

Throughout history, this richly-colored and delicous fruit has been revered as a symbol of health, fertility, and rebirth. Aphrodite, the goddess of love, said the pomegranate was a powerful “love potion”…go ahead, cast the spell…bathe in luxury and eternal life.

Hawaiian Lei

Standing at the airport in Honolulu I remember the sweet smell of plumeria and freesia. Even today the tropics are calling me back. The ukulele and luau beckon me. As I drift into paradise I long for Aloha.

Land of Milk and Honey

After a long day on a Mediterranean beach, I find the need for a soothing bath. The combination of milk and honey is a classic recipe to combat dry skin, sleepless nights, and a hurried mind…a great soak after a sunburn or a stressful day.

Lavender Lullaby

Sleep comes to some quickly. For the rest of us, there is nothing more relaxing than the dreamy soft smell of lavender. As you soak away layers of stress, feel the comforting sensation of your eyes closing as you enter wonderland…

Papaya Nectar

As I open my suitcase after a long journey, the sweet aroma reminds me of a Thai beach in Phuket where the fruity scent of papaya is mixed with the fresh ocean air and warm sand. As I soak in my tub, memories of a far-off land carry me away.

Strawberry Kiwi

A stroll through New Zealand is amazing. There are fragrant vineyards and strawberry farms located on bush-clad hills close to the cities: one of which, Auckland, is built atop seven dormant volcanoes, evidence of the characteristic Kiwi attitude of perennial optimism. Lying in my bath I dream of a distant world…

Summer Rain

Close your eyes and recall the sky on that Sunday afternoon…a hot summer day…dark clouds rolling in…the mad dash for home before the rain shower came beating down on you. Finally salvation in a warm bath. Jojoba oil moisturizes your skin as epsom salts relax your tired muscles.

Vanilla Purity

Tranquilize the body and mind and let the soul take over with one use of the Purity scoop. Vanilla, Jojoba oil & Dead Sea salts soothe the spirit, while softening the skin. Kick back, relax, and purify!



For Aromapothecary products are not just products but unique experiences waiting to occur. Because you and your unique personality and specific wellbeing objectives are the basis for each custom product we make.

The first to embrace and only to perfect the art of customization in spa and beauty, Aromapothecary products and treatments are available at some of the most exclusive spas and retailers worldwide.

Each Aromapothecary preparation, professional and homecare, and every spa treatment has been formulated with you in mind, uniquely tailored to achieve optimal balance within mind, body and soul.

We are beauty, simplicity and authenticity.


Redflower® Bath and Body

Red flower defines itself as a life force. created to transform everyday experiences to their utmost extreme. founded on the principles of world traditions, sustainable sourcing, ritual, well-being and aesthetics.

Red flower is both full and empty. red flower encourages the enjoyment of simple experiences and celebrates life through the purity and freshness of flowers. each product is created to smell fresh, alive and complete and to offer a quiet ritual. this is an experience of beauty. this is a moment of happiness.

Red flower lives life fully. red flower was founded by yael alkalay who was inspired to create a kind of beauty that is not easily bottled, one that focuses both on the internal and the external. always looking and trying to find, yael believes that true indulgence is personal and takes a lifetime. red flower’s inspiration finds its roots in yael’s cultural heritage, her grandfather was the first dermatologist in bulgaria, she descends from eight generations of turkish grand rabbis, kiev musicians and farmers from the pampas of argentina. traveling extensively to maintain family ties and traditions, she lives with deep medical, spiritual and agricultural sensitivity, rich household customs and everyday sensual moments.

Red flower is evolving. red flower launched nationally in 1999 at barneys new york with six flower candles and two organic flower teas. the line continues to evolve and grow with over a hundred products, each with the generosity of scent, health and environmental consciousness, performance and integrity which make red flower so innovative.

Everyone who touches red flower, from the wild crafting pepperina farmers in cordoba to a long list of well-known names that have become loyal followers, feel embraced with warmth, energy and connectedness.

Red flower collects stories and words, stones and sounds, plants and flowers, smells and textures that evolve into treatments. two treatment collections, red flower japan and red flower hammam celebrate the rich bathhouse customs and innate bathing rituals at their most subtle. utilizing cultural influences and regionally-specific beauty ingredients to deliver a vital flow of energy and a euphoric release at spa or at home.