Boutique for men

Men often think that spa services and products are only for women and they couldn’t be more wrong. Masculine skin needs moisturizing, cleansing and clarifying as well. Not to mention that a clean healthy shave requires the best products formulated for men’s skin. Let our experienced service providers soothe and revitalize your face, hands, feet and body with these spa experiences designed just for you. Few things please a woman more than a relaxed, well groomed man. Only because we don’t sell diamonds. Now you can take home the unique products formulated for masculine skin.
The Ultimate Spa Experience… For The Guys.

Phytomer, the world’s leading skincare regimen.

The Phytomer Homme marine-based products are formulated based on the unique characteristics of the male epidermis, combining fast, simple, and effective treatments to ensure instant results.

They contain Marine Oxhylium, a seaweed extract rich in calcium and magnesium, two minerals necessary for the vitality and oxygenation of cells.

True Gentlemen Shaving Products

True Gentlemen is the beginning of a quest to bring authenticity to the lifestyle needs of today’s modern gentlemen.

Created distinctly for men, the True Gentlemen shaving products are prepared with the purest ingredients and botanical extracts available. The fine blend of True Gentlemen shaving products combined with traditional shaving methods assure a comfortable shave while drastically minimizing common shaving problems.

The luxurious collection of shaving products is designed specially to bring out the “true gentleman” in today’s modern man. Paired with proven benefits of aromatherapy the True Gentlemen shaving products bring to every gentleman the True Ultimate Shaving Experience.