Boutique snacks

The Ice Spa boasts a collection of fine products to satiate spa hunger. From light beverages exploding with unique flavors to unexpectedly yummy munchies featuring out of the ordinary ingredients. You will not find discount warehouse granola bars at Ice Spa. Unless they were from a fine European discount warehouse in located in France, featuring hand picked ingredients.


Pink Grapefruit Gummy Bears

Refreshingly tart and tangy with an underlying sweetness, pink grapefruit also sparkles with nutrients which are part of a healthy lifestyle. The rich, pink color from lycopene combines with natural Vitamin C to deliver a one-two punch of antioxidants. Grape seed extract provides an incremental antioxidant boost to make these gummies great tasting and good for you.

Blueberry Gummi Bears

Two super-fruits collaborate for award winning great taste and healthful antioxidant snacking. When you first open a bag of these memorable treats, you are overwhelmed with the bountiful bouquet of real blueberry. The semi-soft texture allows you to savor the authentic, juicy, fruity, refreshing essence.

White Lion Tea Company

White Lion Tea Company was founded on Sir Aubrey’s love and passion for fine tea. His English charm is in every aspect of White Lion’s products. Featuring loose leaf teas, honey pearls and individual tea sachets. White Lion’s flavors are bold and exotic with rich aromas and robust ingredients. Try some of their tea in our relaxation lounge, then take some home from our boutique.

Spa Ciao by White Lion

Spa Ciao Americana

A red, white and blue mix of dried cherries, pumpkin seeds and dried blueberries.

Spa Ciao Pacifica

Wasabi peas, sesame sticks and roasted soy nuts.

Spa Ciao Organic

Spa Ciao organic is a blend of gogi berries, cashews, raisins, sunflower seeds, almonds, pepitas, and cranberries.

Oral Fixation Gourmet Mints

We designed Oral Fixation Mints from the heart. We wanted to make a mint product for people who love style, quality, and great design. So we made a set of beautiful brushed metal tins, filled with custom-designed wax paper, and gourmet engraved mints. Our products have that special mix of humor and quality that feels just right to us. We love what we make, and that comes across in our products.

Featuring sugar free* gourmet mints in brushed metal tins with custom printed wax paper.

*Except for the Night Light mints which have natural brown sugar.

Deadly Cinnamon

Set your soul afire with our secret blend of Southern Chinese and American cinnamon flavor. These hot mints will hit the spot for cinnamon lovers with the perfect balance of sweetness and spice. The 7 Deadly Cinnamon tin is designed with a Garden of Eden theme, with two snakes flanking the tell-tale eaten apple core. Inside, find Oral Fixation’s own googly-eyed Nostradamoo and mints engraved with “7”.

Spare Mint

For the minimalist in us all, we offer the astonishingly spare spearmint-flavored “Spare Mint”. Inspired by our good friend Mies Van Der Rohe, we remind you that quite often, less is more. Spare mint tins are painted flat white with exposed metallic embossing, and contain a sheet of wax paper printed quite simply with the word “SPARE”.